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mistoprostol (looking for TMI)

so I just took it this morning (and took the day off work) and I'm petrified of what to expect. i've started cramping and bleeding, but what happens when/if you pass the sac? also when did it kick in for you? thanks for your help -- waiting is the worst.
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Re: mistoprostol (looking for TMI)

  • My dr won't give it to me. I have begged. She is insisting on the D&C. When I had my 2nd m/c, it was a blighted ovum. The sac looks like a clear red blot clot...sorry to be gross....GL....


  • thanks rose...drs are so weird. mine wouldn't give me a D&C even though i asked for it! sorry you have had to go through this more than once. i've starting passing some clots, i guess i'll wait for something bigger.
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  • YES, with my 1st one I had tons and tons of clots...and I couldn't really tell if one was the sac that time...GL
  • I was only about 5.5 weeks along, but in addition to lots of clots, I passed what looked like a big blob of bloody mucous.  I gather that was the sac.
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  • I took it on a Friday night after work.  It took a couple of hours for it to work.  I kept myself busy.  I took a bus to downtown Seattle and just went shopping--I wanted to close to restrooms.  I think for me when I saw something white that looked like it was in tissue--there was like a feeling of well--hopefully I am able to move on--but everyone may be different on how they would react.  I was sad--my miscarriage happended over several weeks. 

    On my temp chart where it spikes really high, that is when I took misoprostol.  
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  • ugh. im sorry that you have to go through this. i havent had to take anything to jump start my m/c...but i was able to pass the sac naturally. and it was not pleasant. my m/c started last Saturday with light spotting that lasted for 3 days. Tuesday the cramps started and it reminded me of a heavy cd1. no cramps tues night, woke up wed morning and mild cramps until around 11am. then all hell broke loose. you would have thought i was in labor from 11am until about 2pm. i passed the sac around 130pm and after that i pretty much felt like a new person.


    you will know the sac vs. a clot. you kinda have to push it out and it is a different color...i passed two things, the first alot bigger than the second, but both within a few minutes. i never had an actual embryo, just a sac that measured 5w5d, so what i had was very small. i wish you the best with all of this and i hope you are able to get through it naturally! hang in there.

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  • I took misoprostol 3 times, up to a 3x normal dosage, and it did NOTHING. And I was so terrified of horrible cramps, et cetera. Not a twinge. Just a warning that you may continue to wait.
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  • I took 400 mcg of misoprostol internally at 10:30 am.  About 12 pm I started having cramping.  By 4 pm I knew would start bleeding soon as I had stronger cramping and took my second dose internally.  By 5:30 I had horrible cramping, still no blood.  From 5:30 to 6:00 I was in terrible pain (even with pain killers) and then I felt something coming.  I expected blood -- but I actually passed the sac first.  It is kind of a clear looking thing with what looked like a blob in it, and some clots.  That was the worst of the cramping but it was still was very strong and I took pain meds.  I was in the bathroom (took magazines in with me as I could not leave that often) off and on until 11:30 that night.  When you go, you will feel something coming -- they are like golf ball size clots and lots and lots of blood.  The bleeding tapered off by 3:30 am and I was able to get some sleep.

    I am not the norm though --  I have not heard of any of these ladies passing the sac first.  If I had not, I am not sure I would have been able to see it.

    For the next week I had off and on bleeding with my last heavy day being 6 days later.  Then spotting (only when wiping) of brown blood for the next week.  I am not sure if I started again with my m/c or am actually having my period as I started bleeding red 22 days later -- but it is more AF like.

    I am so sorry you have to go through this.  It is scary and if you need anything please ask!  I lived on these boards during my m/c -- it helped me tremedously.

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