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Genetic testing Q?

When you get your results back from the genetic testing post d&c did the doctor tell you the sex?  Just curious. 

My second d&c was today.  I feel worse this time than I did the first time.  Ugh.

Re: Genetic testing Q?

  • I asked not to know.  He said that it would be in the chart if I ever wanted to know I could ask.  I have a daughter already, so if and when we get pregnant again and end up having a daughter, I will have a hard time thinking about the son we didn't have, or the daughter we didn't have.  That's just me.
  • I am so sorry for your losses. My 2nd loss hit me so much harder than the first. I think I hadn't properly grieved the first. I felt betrayed by my body and began to feel like a failure in all areas of my life. It took me about 4 months to climb out of my sadness and start to feel a little like my old self. Be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to talk to someone professionally if you need to.

    It took about 8 weeks for us to get the results. The doctors do tell you the sex unless you state you don't want to know. In my case, they told me they had normal xx tissue, so....either they tested my tissue or I had a healthy baby girl. I think it was harder for me to hear the sex. Its not an easy decision to make.

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  • I received results in two weeks and they told us the sex. But she had Turner's, which only impacts females, so we would have figured it out pretty quickly. It is difficult to find out the sex. It makes it so much more real and rekindles all the sadness. Now that it is a week later, I'm glad I know. She isn't just a collection of cells and organs anymore.
  • We did find out. I asked the dr. We had found out at our first trimester screening that the tech was pretty sure he was a boy and I had thought of him as a boy after that. When we found out we lost him I cried to dh telling him I wanted to see my little boy. When the results were in I wasn't sure if I wanted to know if he was for sure a boy or what. I thought it might be hard to find out he wasn't really a boy. In the end we aksed the dr. and it was confirmed he was a boy. We named him the name we were planning on and for me it was another step toward closure.

  • Thanks for the info.  I feel right now that I would like to know.   It may make it worse when I discover the results but I think the whole feedback from the genetic testing will be rough so why not learn that too. 
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