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proud of myself

i was able to wave and smile at someone elses twin babies at Home Depot last night. the little girl laughed back at me over and over again and i didnt have a mental breakdown. i didnt know how that was going to go..i work in a large retail store that is always filled with moms and babies... so at least i know that i will be ok when i have to see them all day. although i want to strangle pregnant ladies when i see them..perhaps thats a bad thing..lol ;) teehee....ssshhhhh.

Jacob Alexander 7/23/09
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Jameson Adam 6/1/11
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Re: proud of myself

  • I'm proud of you too!  It's so hard after a m/c to see/hear about babies.  I'm a teacher and there are pregnant ladies popping up all over the place right now.  My SIL is also pg.  Although I am sincerely happy and excited for all of them, there are days when I just want to hide in a closet!
  • That is a huge step! I didn't go to the store with DH today just b/c Babies R Us is next door. I couldn't bear to see it. I did manage to walk past the baby section in Walmart today though. although while I was there a lady told her very young daughter to "just stop talking". She has no idea how lucky she is...and how many of us would love to have a little one just talking and talking away about absolutely nothing. Those are the people I want to strangle.
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