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Do they always run tests on the fetus???

Hi Girls-

I just had my D&C on Tuesday for my 2nd m/c. After reading the posts about the testing, I'm just wondering if this is standard? I had a m/c before we had my DS and then this one....

When we met with my OB about the D&C, he said he did not recommend genetic testing due to the fact that we have a healthy DS.....

I don't know if this means they did no testing....or if it just means they won't do more in depth test.

What, if any tests are considered "standard?" I have my follow up in a little over a week, so obvsiously I will be asking, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answer....
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Re: Do they always run tests on the fetus???

  • Sounds like we've had similar histories.  This was my second m/c too.  I had one, then a son and now another.  I pushed for the genetic testing.  My doctors didn't think it was necessary but it would help us have peace of mind in planning for TTC again. 

    My doctor mentioned to me that at my follow up she will test my blood for clotting issues.  That's the next test for me.  After the genetic testing feedback and my blood work results...we could discuss further testing if necessary. 
  • I asked about this too and was told that because my doctor was about 98% sure it was chromosomal that they don't do this (this was my first m/c - not sure if that would change if god forbid if happened again).
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  • My OB said that I would have to agree to testing and that they do nothing at all unless you agree to have it tested. 
  • I asked about this when I was in hospital (natural m/c), they said it wasn't necessary b/c mine was blighted ovum (ie: for me there was really nothing to test except an empty sac). It may depend on the possible cause of your m/c, or situation.
    m/c#1 07/16/08 (11 weeks), m/c#2 10/10/08 (8 weeks). and then nothing since except every test possible (no answers). IUI#1 and #2: BFNs Super lucky to be buddies with Peetie. Our out of nowhere, surprise DD born 5/29/2011
  • I got a pathology report. I am not sure if this is the same thing. But they said the pathology report came back normal and that my blighted ovum probably resulted in a problem with mitosis. I did not ask for it, nor did I know they did it until my follow up appt.
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  • My OB said that any time there is tissue removed from your body it is sent to pathology.
  • The pathology testing is different from the genetic testing. My Ob recommended it for me even though I have 2 healthy children because the loss was later and I had 3 u/s showing everthing up until that point was normal.  All the test ended up confirming for us is that our baby was a boy. Other than that everything was normal and healthy.
     I don't know if there really is a normal all drs seem a little different. It doesn't hurt to ask what testing they would recommend though and what if anything will be done differently for future pregnancies (early u/s or betas etc...) 
  • I was not aware of any tests, yet my doctor calls me a month after my D&C to tell me that our baby had Turner's syndrome and that's why she died. It was shocking - I never asked for any testing and I was feeling better and this kind of brought it all back that day. I would ask your doctor because I was totally clueless and blindsided.
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  • I'm late in reading this, but hopefully you'll see my reply.  My doctor said they routinely test the tissue removed for infection and inflammation.  My testing showed inflammation, which she said was consistent with a pregnancy that has failed to develop.  She also said they test the tissue to determine whether the pregnancy is a molar pregnancy or not.  Hope this helps--you might ask your doctor if they did any routine testing.  I don't think my doc would have told me what was done if I hadn't asked.
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