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How long...

did it take for you to get AF after your beta hit 0?  My beta was 208 on friday so I am sure by the next check it will be 0.  I am just curious when I would be expecting AF.

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  • I'm still waiting :(

    On Sept 11 betas were 230, on Sept 18 they were 0. Haven't had any bleeding since so I'm hoping it will be soon. From what I've read it takes on average 4-6 weeks after m/c but I don't know if that's from actual m/c or when your betas hit 0.

    It feels like it's taking forever though.
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  • my AF returned 1 month after m/c, and about 2 weeks after hitting 0 betas.
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  • ive heard 4-6 weeks after a m/c as well. i tested this morning and still have the faintest of all possible faintest bfps...my betas were 6317 about a week ago, so i know mine have dropped a ton...my follow up appt is tmw so i will find out then. ive pretty much stopped bleeding from the m/c so i dont even want to think about AF right now!! my guts are so sore anyways..lol.

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