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Best friend is having her baby on Tuesday....

I can't NOT visit her...but it is going to be so freaking hard walking onto that maternity floor. She has told me over and over not to go, but she is the best and I can't do that to her. So I have to suck it up and go. I hope I don't cry....yikes

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Re: Best friend is having her baby on Tuesday....

  • Me too-- well she is due on the 30th.  I also plan on going and see her in the hospital.  DH is coming with so that will make it easier (I think).  Anytime I start to focus on me, I am going to repeat over and over in my mind that it is her day and I am going to focus on the beautiful newborn that is here now.  I hope that works....and I wish you luck too!! :-)
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  • This happened to me as well when I was dealing with my last M/C. I let her know it was going to be hard, but that I was happy for her. I asked if I could come during a time when she didn't have a lot of visitors so if I lost it, I wouldn't have an audience. It went surprisingly well and looking back on it, I am glad I went.
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  • Good luck to you. Even if you do cry, I bet your friend will understand. ::Sending lots of strength your way::
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