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Having a hard day

All morning I've just wanted to cry.  I keep tearing up and I feel that familiar lump in my throat and I don't know why.  I mean, I know why, but why now???  Nothing has happened this morning to make today any worse than any other day.

Does anyone else feel like their emotions are completely out of whack and make no sense? 

I went to my friend's baby shower yesterday and felt ok.  I went to FIL's birthday party and felt pretty good despite the comments that my SIL (who doesn't know I was pregnant let alone that I miscarried) made along the lines of "hmmm, maybe you're pregnant."  Then after being home for a few hours I just lost it.  Burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably.  I don't understand.  I should've sobbed during the shower or when SIL suggested I was pregnant, but I didn't.  And it wasn't like I was holding it back.  I really thought I felt ok.

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  • Robbie - I don't know your story, but don't beat yourself up over the feelings you are experiencing. I had a chemical pregnancy end a little over two weeks ago and thought I had processed and grieved through it. I really felt okay about things and hopeful about my next cycle. Then, last Friday I was waiting at Starbucks for my order and they were playing a sad song. I just started crying right there in the middle of everything. Out of nowhere. I don't think we can know what will trigger us, but we should allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
  • Our bodies have been through so much. Sometimes we can't control when we get overwhelmed. I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday. Sometimes I feel to drained to cry and sometimes I can not stop. Good for you for even leaving the house. Hugs
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  • I understand. Last night I watched the Sex and the City movie to cheer me up, and when it was over I just bawled. I LOVED the movie, and there was nothing in that made me feel particularly sad, but I just started to sob. I am still in the midst of finding out exactly what is going on with myself, but I was fine one minute and a horrible mess the next. It's just part of the grieving process. Sometimes I watch things I know will make me upset just to get it out before I go somewhere...now that is weird!
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  • Don't feel bad.  It has been a month and a half since mine and I burst into tears this morning.  Sometimes, I think I just need a good cry and I'll feel better.  I also watch stuff that will make me cry so I can get it out...
  • Glad I'm not the only one. It really works! This morning I watched Bringing Home Baby, but it didn't make me cry! I was actually happy for the people who brought home their newborn. It was a big step.


    Hang in there Robbie.

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  • Thanks ladies

  • I'm sorry  you have had such a rough morning ((hugs)).  My emotions were all messed up after my m/c.   I cried because somebody brought in donuts instead of bagels on Friday!  Either way, you have every right to cry.  You lost your baby.  I think I would have lost it if my SIL said that to me.  And I don't think I could ahve gone to a baby shower so soon afterwards.  Just know, you are not a lone and it will get easier. 
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  • i just wanted to say I'm sorry to see you on this board. :( and send you lots of hugs.. I've been there too. It DOES get easier, but it always hurts.
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  • I can relate but think it's absolutely amazing that you were okay through the baby shower & your SIL saying that.

    It's weird - I can watch Baby Story & Bringing Home Baby without any problems at all.  However I started bawling Saturday when I saw the Rangers home opening schedule for next year.  Their 1st game will be on my EDD. 

    It's impossible to predict right now how we'll be dealing with it each day & what may trigger our emotions.  Please hang in there today.

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