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Lovenox and stuff

Hi Ladies,
I'm a chronic lurker but I post on here every once and a while!  I have seen the posts about Lovenox and wondered if anyone can fill me in about what their symptoms were and why they were put on it.  I have seen that many people who have multiple losses are on it. 

Also, I wondered at what point your doctor has recommended testing to find out certain disorders like MTHFR, etc? 

Thank you!

Re: Lovenox and stuff

  • Hi - I'm not on Lovenox yet, but I have some info on it.  I had recurrent pregnancy loss and also the stillbirth of my baby girl :(

    I had every clotting disorder tested for and nothing came back positive.  But according to the doctors I met with, because of the state of the placenta (it was clotted and fibrous) they recommend baby aspirin plus lovenox.  As they told me, there are many blood clotting disorders that are not yet known as well as possible autoimmune disorders.  So, even though I didn't have a test to prove there was something wrong, based on the placenta they want me to use the lovenox. I hope that helps!
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  Thank you for sharing that info with me.  I appreciate it! 
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  • I am a lovenox user.  I had blood clots and have been on coumadin since I was 19.  I switched to lovenox when we decided to ttc.  I was on it when I miscarried.
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