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Back from the doctor

I just got back from seeing my ob/gyn about the miscarriage.  I chose not to go to the ER yesterday - I knew what was happening and couldn't imagine the added stress of sitting around in a waiting room with other people while it happened.

The ultrasound showed that my natural m/c was complete. In a way - I am so relieved. It's over now and I can get on with healing - I'm not stuck in this awful limbo I've been in for nearly a week. I also found out that I am RH- and got the shot.

I am going back to work tomorrow. I teach 10th grade history and my student teacher (5 months pregnant with twin girls!) will be there. I'm  a bit nervous about seeing her, but know that it will be fine.

Everyone keeps talking about how great it will be when we get pregnant again  - I just can't wait to feel that excited about the idea. Maybe in a few months. I'm starting to feel a sense of peace.

Hugs to you all - you have gotten me through.

Re: Back from the doctor

  • My mc was on a Saturday night and most of the major bleeding was on a Sunday, too.  I didn't want to go to the ER, either and instead called my Dr.'s nurse on call.  She was very kind and saw me first thing that Monday and confirmed what I knew. 

    I know it will be hard for you tomorrow, and I wish you luck on that.

    I am very sorry for your loss.

  • ((Hugs)) I hope your day goes well today.
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