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so confused after dr.'s appt

  So I had my first "nurse's visit" at the Ob/GYN today. It was basically just to review mine and my family's medical history. They proceeded with the appt as if nothing was wrong, and when I brought up my slow rising/extremely low hcg levels and the spotting i've had for a week they didn't seem at all concerned, with a response of "sometimes these thigns just happen." I felt so angry. I just want an answer. The nurse even made it seem like this is completely normal, and not to worry. I'm here thinking my pregnancy is over, and they are not worried about a thing--they didn't even know anything was wrong to begin with. They didnt know about my abnormal u/s, my numbers...nothing. I got a ton of routine bloodwork done, and should have my results in a day or two, so more waiting. All I do is wait and wonder whether everything is okay. I'm just starting to feel numb and out of emotion. I'm still scheduled for my u/s next Tuesday. I'm just praying that my hcg numbers climb HIIIIIGH and that the little bug is okay, but I'm also expecting everything to go terribly wrong.

Now for the advice--my nurse had told me that bed rest can help with bleeding/spotting. Since my spotting has been all brown (no red whatsoever) she seemed pretty optimistic about it, but recommended maybe I take a day or two to just lay in bed and basically not move. Should I do it? I do not have specific doctor's orders--actually, my doctor never once mentioned bed rest but the nurse seemed to think it was a good idea. My boss is very supportive, but I am a third grade teacher and I hate the idea of missing another day and falling behind with my little ones.
What would you do?

PS- As soon as my bloodwork comes back, I'm switching OB's. Horrible practice they have going there.
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Re: so confused after dr.'s appt

  • I would stay home :) I'm a teacher, too, and let's face it... those little guys are demanding! Your third graders will be waiting for you upon your return... it's not the end of the world :)
  • I agree, if anything helps the situation I would do it. While it can go either way, have positive thoughts. You never know. I hope things work out and your baby is a sticky one. GL.
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  • TAKE A FEW DAYS OFF!  I'm a teacher as well.  You won't regret it - one way or another.  Besides, if something does go terribly wrong and you didn't take the days off, you'll always wonder "what if?"  Good luck!
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  • Did they do an u/s? They should do one ASAP. I was out for a few days and I called my principal today. She told me that she misses me but take it easy and come back when I feel ready. I feel so bad for my little 2nd graders....:(
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