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Post pregnancy body vent

Ok, I hate that I have to have a protruding belly and droopy breast with nothing to show for it!!! None of my work clothes fit....and I still have that line going down the middle of my belly.  It's only been sick weeks, but geez!!

Anyway, my DH (bless his heart) seem not to have notice the change. He's so sweet.

Re: Post pregnancy body vent

  • I definitely could have wrote this myself. I have all that and stretch marks to boot. It's so unfair. The belly is the reason I can't get into regular pants yet. I SO hate maternity clothes now.
  • I understand what you are going through.  I was lucky I bought a couple of pairs of pants a size bigger after I knew I was pg that were not maternity so I have something to wear now.  I also have stretch marks like you would not believe!  The worst was my milk came in and my breasts leaked for over 10 weeks.  It was awful and a cruel joke but by the end I didn't want it to stop because it was the last reminder I had to the pregnancy.  How sick is that?

    ((Hugs)) to you!
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  • Beachbride- it is not sick. I did that with smaller things too. While I wish I was not in maternity clothes, my mom and I got pedicures before my baby shower and I just took off the last of the chipped toe nail polish over the weekend. It was the last thing I did pregnant that was left.
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