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Judgy people...BACK OFF!!!

People can be so judgy! I hate it. Someone actually raised a disapproving eyebrow when I told her I was still working out when pregnant. I have always worked out and we're talking the elliptical here, not tackle football. This woman, who chooses to drink wine occasionally while pregnant, actually suggested that my exercising could have lead to my m/c. I never judged her for drinking and that is a heck of a lot more controversial than hopping on the elliptical. Eff her.

I was soooo good about everything when pregnant. That is the one peace I have. I know I couldn't have done anything differently. How dare she ...

Re: Judgy people...BACK OFF!!!

  • Don't listen to her.  My OB friend told me that she wishes her patients would work out during pregnancy.  so many people take it as an excuse to gain a crazy amount of weight and not work out.  Now granted, I was put on pelvic rest and was so tired I could barely walk -- so I understand there are exceptions to my statement.  You were fine on an elliptical!
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  • I hate judgy people.  I'm sorry she said that to you.  Good for you for fighting that pregnancy tiredness and working out.  I wish I had had that motivation.  As we start talking TTC, I'm working on getting back into a regular workout routine in hopes of being healthier this time around.

    And like you said... there is nothing any of us could have done to prevent this... so screw her!
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  • You should ask her, "that's interesting, since the majority of miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities, I'm curious to know how you think exercising would have caused that?"

  • I agree. Drs. want you to work out. I'm so glad you know that you did everything you could to promote a healthy pregnancy. It would have been hard for me to not reply "Well, you are lucky you have a healthy baby since you drank the whole time!" Geez. Big hugs to you.
  • You said it... eff her! How dare she . Im sorry you have to deal with such an incredibly stupid person.
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