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Why do people day the stupidest things? long

Why do people say the stupidest things? 

3 months ago I lost my daughter at 20 weeks 4 days.  I think everyone at work knows now.  But anyway one guy that his wife was pregnant too, asked  how the baby development was.  (He asked before how being pregnant and the baby was, about 1.5 months ago and I told him, I went into preterm labor and Gabby was to little to survive.  I know he felt like a big Azz.  So back with today.  I just looked at him like he was crazy.  He then said ?I mean with trying? I told him that we weren?t trying yet.  Like I said his wife was pregnant too, they have twins a boy and girl and also a two year old.  He says to me, ?Well at least you still get some sleep.?  Yeah, I would rather sleep then have my daughter with me.  I so wanted to say ? how much sleep would you get if you didn?t have your children, which one would you give up for some sleep?  But I smiled and said ?Not really.? And walked away.  I know that he didn?t mean to be stupid but he really was.


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