Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Best friend just had her baby today...

I just spoke to her DH. She is still in recovery, so I won't bother her tonight. I am going to pick up a Build-a-Bear tomorrow and go quickly. She is the kindest person and has been there for me through all of my m/c's...It is just hard to be bleeding, actually having a m/c and having to go to the maternity ward. It is the same hospital where I would have went. Believe me,  I am so so so happy for her, but I am going to have a hard time being there.

I hope this doesn't sound selfish, but I am still not feeling well and still passing fetal material, etc.....

I wish it would have been another time. I would have been fine if I wasn't in the process of m/c'ing

m/c #1 6/05
m/c #2 9/06
m/c # 3 9/08

Re: Best friend just had her baby today...

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