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Those with D & E's how long did it take to get your 1st period?

I am just a little over 2 weeks post D & E and nothing yet but just wondering how long it took to get your 1st and then if it was regular (28 days or whatever your norm cycle was after that).  TIA

Re: Those with D & E's how long did it take to get your 1st period?

  • My first one was 37 days post d&e, my second cycle was 23 days, my third was 31 days.  My normal cycle is 29-30 days so I am hoping things are starting to regulate now.
  • I got AF 45 days after D&C. Cycles after that were 33, 38, 29, and 41 days. I guess it was normal for me since I'm kind of irregular. The vast majority of people seem to get in AF 4-6 weeks. Good luck and ((hugs))
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  • I was always like clockwork, every 28 days.
    After d&c I got AF 4 weeks after.
     I have had 4 af's. Second one came 10 days early, 5 days early, 2 days early. this month it was right on time.
    It did get worse every month. I bleed alot for 2 days and then it stops.
    I think it takes a little while to get back to normal.

    good luck.
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  • My first one after D&E came 20 days after.  My second came 26 days after (which is kind of normal for me).  But both were heavy and painful for 3 days and then just stopped; very different than normal.

    But, then again, what is normal anymore??

  • I waited over 6 weeks with no period and called my doctor so they put me on provera to "bring it on"...so I took that for 10 days and my period came 3 days after the last pill...
    Just remember that everyone is different and after a D&E your cycle may not return to normal for 1-2 cycles..good luck
  • I was irregular to begin with but with the Clomid I had taken just prior to my D & E, I had 30 day cycles. 

    It took me 6 weeks and 2 days to get my 1st AF after my D & E.  We had been seeing a reproductive endocrinologist for IF issues and they said to call if I hadn't gotten AF within 8 weeks.  I think most drs. won't induce a period for you with medication until it's been at least 6 weeks.  It can take that long for  your hormones and body to get back to normal.

    My 2nd cycle after my D & E was 29 days. 

    Good luck!  I hope AF shows up soon for you!
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