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I am offically 37 weeks today and only 16 days (scheduled c-section) until my baby boy is here!! I cant believe how many babies have been born already it is surreal that Jaxson could come at anytime now!! Congrats to all of those who have had their little bundles of joy and Good luck to those who havent!!! I cant wait to hold my little guy in my arms:)

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  • I can't even sleep for dreaming about my LO's arrival. It's so crazy! I used to think it would be horrible to know when she was coming, but not knowing is worse!
  • It's so weird, isn't it? To know all of us will have babies by the end of next month- which is only a few days away!

    DH asked me on Saturday if I felt ready for LO to come... I said 'Hell yes!!' We have our new vehicle, the nursery's done, clothes and toys and bottles are washed and ready to go... well- DH needs to install the carseat. Might make him do it today. ;)

  • wow! time really flies and he'll be here before you know it. yay!!
    Jackson W. Holler born 12/9/10 at 7:52 a.m. He is my little miracle baby!! pPROM'ed at 23w1d and delivered at 34w Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
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