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Talk to me About PCMs

While I'm in the US to have LO, our address will be more than 50 miles/1 hour from the nearest MTF, is LO still automatically covered under Prime at first? Can I choose an provider from the website as LO's PCM, or will they still assign me someone?

My friend's father (who I've known for a million years) has been a pedi for 40 years and accepts Prime and is listed on the HNFS search as a Prime PCM - can I just take LO to him? Do I need to get prior authorization from Tricare North for well-baby visits? 

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Re: Talk to me About PCMs

  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong.  You have 60 days from birth to get your LO into DEERS and Tricare, which I wouldn't wait 60 days.  Until then your LO is under Prime.  If your friend's father is a tricare approved provider then I'd use him.  My DS-Daughter was on prime until recently and a long way from an MTF as well.  All we did was place her in Prime look up providers in the area to see if they were taking new patients.  We found one that was called tricare told them the doctor we wanted and that they were accepting new patients.  It was all changed by the end of the call.   Good luck!
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  • You can elect to use Prime-Remote as your plan, but you will then have to have a referral to that particular Pedi. Call Tricare just to make sure, since you will be in a different region that I am in, and their rules may be slightly different.
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