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How was everyone's Christmas?

Ours was pretty good. Holly was sick the whole time with some kind of virus though. :-( Since she had a fever of 103 on Christmas Eve Day, we weren't able to go to my family's GTG in Eastern NC. That kind of stunk, but it was oddly nice to stay home, just the 3 of us. We didn't have anywhere to be on Christmas Day because DH's family GTG was changed due his grandma recently breaking her hip, so we had a nice leisurely Christmas morning, which was fun. I made cinnamon rolls & quiche (both were super yummy, and might be our new traditional Christmas morning meal!), and then the IL's came and spent Christmas night with us.

I hate that Holly was sick, and we barely left the house for 3 days, but it was kind of nice to lay low. The play kitchen we got Holly was a HUGE hit! I'm so happy. :-) And the snow was a nice touch too :) DH and I weren't going to do gifts since we're doing some redecorating in the house, but he bought me (well, us) a Keurig. I gave him PJ pants. hehe.. oh well.

How about y'all?

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Re: How was everyone's Christmas?

  • Pretty good.  Natalie liked her new baby craddle from Santa and both girls loved the Laugh and Learn house that Claire got from Santa.  We got both girls a pillow pet; it was bigger hit with Claire -- she laughs and buries her face in it over and over which is so adorable.  My in-laws are here; between the four of us, I think we went over board with toys for the girls but they're have a blast playing with everything.  Natalie won't let Oma out of her sight which has been great for me!  (Although it's still frustating how much time Oma spends with Natalie compared to Claire!).  One of the favorite toys for Natalie is the 20-word puzzle from Infantino -- I definitely recommend this one for toddlers working on identifying lower case letters and starting to try to put letters with words.

    Claire had a rough two days though too.  She was constipated on Christmas Eve which was causing her pain to the point of all out crying (thankfully we got it cleared up for her to sleep better).  Then on Christmas night, we were going to have dinner earlier for Claire to eat with us but she was having such horrible teething pain that we couldn't get her to settle down to eat until an hour later after the Motrin kicked in.  She enjoyed her Christmas dinner sitting in my lap watching Baby Einstein!  Mine was cold by the time I got to it but still really tasty!

    It was a pretty good weekend!  And watching the girls play in the snow yesterday was a blast.  Now back to work again for 4 days :(

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  • Went well so far. We went to the ILs for the 23&24th before coming home for christmas day. We've since been holed up, watching the snow fall.

    It turns out I'm allergic to our tree (or the mold on it), so I was kind of miserable the last few weeks. We actually de-decorated the tree on Christmas day and put it out on our covered back porch with the lights still on it so we're semi-festive. But we've been pulling down decorations in preparation of heading to Maryland. We still haven't left (maybe tomorrow - if at all) due to the roads.

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