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First off if there's no paragraphs or structure I'm doing this from my phone and I'm honestly surprised its let me do this much!! Firstly, I love my new place my new roomies really help out especially in these final weeks of my pregnancy. I recently told her father (during a hormone fit) that I couldn't handle him anymore and that I was over it. That I didn't want to talk to him unless there was a mediator. I'm tired of him giving me the run around and not being responsible. He chose to spend time with his new gf instead of finding out what happened at the u/s this last week. (What we learned she looks good! And I am going to have a looker for a daughter. Whenever I get to a real comp I'll pip for you ladies) So I told him it seems to me that he obviously doesn't care. I know its not my place to say whether or not he really cares but I've given him so many chances to man up. He responded by deleting me as a friend on fb, untagging all of our photos, and blocking my number. Do I feel bad that I might have pushed him over the edge and have ruined things for my daughter? totally! But there's only so much BS I can deal with. I've learned its hard not to dwell on someone you cared about so much! My moms right I need to move on do what's best for me and her. I'm learning I have so many friends and family that are willing to help me through this that I am blessed. I do slip into fits of hysteria but I think that's only natural. I also want to thank you ladies for being supportive of each other and giving me words of wisdom. In my ideal world people would go out of each others way to help others and I think that the single mom community is like that.
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