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Awesome 7 pound Christmas present!

We got a new baby for Christmas this year!  Born to my good friend (and foster brother) Nick and his wife.

He came about 2 weeks early.  I swear he knew that everyone was in town for Christmas so he made his appearance early so everyone could be there for it.  Until now I hadn't known of their struggles to have this baby but I guess early on (around the 3rd or 4th month) they were told he would not survive.  My Mom wasn't sure what the details were, just that they were told to prepare to lose the baby or have a still born baby.  Well, she carried him 8.5 months and he's a 7 pound little chunky, healthy baby!  A true Christmas Miracle!

And they named him Corey, after his uncle who passed away almost a decade ago.  there are some reservations within the family about giving him Corey as a first name, but I for one think this world has been short a Corey far too long and I'm happy to have another one here! 

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  • What a great story! Congrats!
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  • Congrats, Auntie Jaye!!
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