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Feeling overwhelmed...

I'm beginning the 38th week.  I feel like there's a ton of stuff that I haven't done and need to do but don't know where to begin.  This is our first.  When should I wash the bedding, blankets and clothing?  I don't want to wash the bedding too soon and make the bed and have dust get all over everything.
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Re: Feeling overwhelmed...

  • I'd do it now if I were you. You don't have to make the crib up but at least have everything washed and ready to go. Clothing can be washed and put away. You'll have a baby in the next couple of weeks - there won't be that much dust! It's much easier to do now than scrambling at the last second or after baby gets home (Yes, I do know from experience LOL). Just make a list and do one thing at a time... you can do it! :)
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  • If you are planning to use a bassinet you can just start w/those sheets. If you are using the crib right away, yes I would wash now. Like PP said, you can keep in a drawer if you want.

    I washed a bunch of towels, washcloths, 1 NB sized outfit for hospital, 5 NB onesies (b/c that is what came in the package), then washed all 0-3 and 3 months (I anticipate having a larger baby & didn't want to keep NB sizes if it won't fit). I also washed a few blankets and right away set aside what I will be taking to the hospital. I also washed all of the hand me downs up to (not including) size 6 mos. I'll worry about the larger sizes later on.

    The laundry is pretty easy once you get yourself going. Those things are so tiny that you can get soooo much done in 1 load. The annoying part for me was separating it into Cold wash and Warm wash depending on the tags. 

    I still have to arrange my pediatrician and get my hospital bags packed so I'm not completely ready either. I have my c-section in about 12 days unless I labor sooner. Good Luck. 

  • Make a list- it will help you feel less overwhelmed. I washed all the bedding and then put a big sheet and foil over the top of it (both to keep it clean and keep our cats out of the bed) a few weeks back. Just take things one day at a time! Good luck!

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