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HELLOOO!!! HEllooo.. Hellooo... hellooo...

Is there anybody out there??

(Sorry, I have pink floyd playing in my head).

I've got a new blog, in siggy.

I might change the name because I think I might have stolen it from somewhere.

 ETA: Well Shiit... I just googled it and found it's another wordpress blog.

Off to the drawing board.

ETA: Done.

Re: HELLOOO!!! HEllooo.. Hellooo... hellooo...

  • FYI - I super puffy heart you!  How is the weather in NYC?  I hear it is pretty bad there.
    New bio with helpful info for DW knotties!
    Ashley & Josh ~ The Reef Resort ~ Grand Cayman~ May 15th 2010
  • You & Mari are too cute!   You are a manica with these wraps though. My husband would kill me if I bought all of those!  ;)
  • You & Mari are too cute!   You are a manic with these wraps though. My husband would kill me if I bought all of those!  ;)
  • Cute blog! and I love all your wraps! I need to get me some because I carry C everywhere and this boy is HEAVY so I can use all the help I can get.
  • Ashley!! I got your card today (well, from Christmas Eve)! I heart you too!! Come down anytime! It's BLIZZARDing here- the snow is actually blowing upwards. And I have to take Mari out to the doc tomorrow :-(

    natalee- he is borderline ready to kill me But hey, at least I'm investing in something useful :-)
  • I love the new blog!  And, the words you used to describe a nursing strike are exactly perfect.  I hope Mari keeps getting better!!!!  Muah!
  • I love the new blog!
  • I love your slings, I am a tad bit jealous. Little Mari is such a cutie. I got your card on Friday, thank you so much. Marcos sends little Mari besitos!
  • Love your blog!  :)  Well, both of them!



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  • hi Cris!! Your blog is super cute. I love your writing style. It's just like I can hear you and we are having a chat. :)
  • love the new blog! btw, nia has the same pink and red polka dot sleeper but i forgot it at home when we went to dc =( mari looked so cute in hers!
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