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Darlene's Mommy....

First of all, congrats on the beautiful baby boy Cooper! He is so handsome!


Secondly, I hate asking because i know you are oober busy with the new baby, but I am having trouble with installing my car seat.

At first, I tired installing it using the LATCH system, and it was VERY shaky and lose.

Then, I tried installing it with the seatbelt, in the rear behind the passengers seat. It seems much less shaky, but still a bit lose.I also had to use a rolled up towel underneath the front of the carseat to get the little ball in the green zone. I havent had a chance to take it to the DPS to get it inspected yet, but was wondering if you had any suggestions? I have the Graco convertible car seat, as well as one of Graco's travel system car seat w/ base to go in DH's truck (not installed yet until i know i have the first one done correctly!)


If anyone else has any suggestions/ comments, they are much appreciated!

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Re: Darlene's Mommy....

  • Sometimes it is hard to get the base or regular seat tight by pulling the latch tightener, so you might actually have to get into the car and sort of put your knee up on the base to add some more weight to it while you tighten the latch. This might be a little difficult for you at this point so maybe your DH or someone else can help.
  • Ditto MK&Z - the people that did our seat inspection directed us to get into the car and press a knee up against the base to help get a good, tight fit.

    I'd definitely take both cars to be inspected.  The fit may be very different from your car to your husband's truck.

    FWIW, I know they're equally safe, but I actually felt much better about the fit we got from the seatbelt than the LATCH.  It just seemed more secure to me.

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  • Ditto what everyone else is saying about pressing your knee into it to make the seat tighter. That is the only way to get my Graco Snugride 32 base tight enough when using the LATCH or the seat belt.

    Good luck! 

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  • Thank you about Cooper.  Sorry family came over and I got busy with him and since they took our 4 year old for the night and monday I was catching up on some sleep. 


    Yes try putting your knee in the seat (convertible) or top of base (infant).  Also I find it much easy to pull up on the LATCH or seat belt as close as you can to where its buckled if your able to.

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