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transition to regular bed

Well, so much for being nervous about the transition to a regular bed for DS!  My parents have a crib that converts to a toddler bed and set it up in the toddler bed form like he has at home.  It's in the same room with a queen sized bed here at my parents' house and he chose on his own to sleep in the queen sized bed instead of the toddler bed.  He did great in it last night and today for nap.  And tonight he's in it again.  So, I guess he's ready for the switch!  And to think we were nervous about how hard it would be for him. He's so proud sleeping in the big bed!  Our boy is growing up!

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Re: transition to regular bed

  • Wow - that's awesome!  Glad that wasn't a difficult transition.

    It makes me laugh - Will doesn't want to sleep in a big bed. We actually had trouble convincing him to sleep on a pull-out sofa in hotels this summer on our trip!

    Hope it is just as smooth at home! :)

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