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Hi!  I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Chasity, I'm from Harrisonburg.  My DH and I grew up there (I was born in VA Beach and still have family and visit there frequently) until we moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in June 2009.  When we found out we were expecting LO we decided to move back to VA to be near family and we've been here again since August.  So I just wanted to say hi to the other non-NOVA Virginia bumpies.  Anyone else from my area?
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  • Unfortunately, this board is unbelievably slow.  I wanted to say hi though :) We just moved to Richmond from Raleigh, NC and my husband is from Anchorage and went to school at UAF for a couple years before transferring down to NC State.

    We thought our next move would be back to AK, but I guess we ended up a little less north than we planned :)

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  • Hello from Culpeper by way Los Angeles. 

    My DH and I met online while I was living in LA and he was stationed in San Diego. We moved in together in SD and then moved to VA in 09. So far so good but I miss friends and family.

     Wishing you the best.


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