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Whew, that was close!

I asked DH to put together DS's big gift last night (a kitchen) so we would have less to do tonight after the kids go to bed.  Well he did after I went to bed last night and this morning asks me where in the living room I wanted it, he thought we were giving it to him a day early! Luckily DS wasn't up yet so no harm done but geez, guys don't *get* surprises I swear! Lol.


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Re: Whew, that was close!

  • Oh no, that was close! 

    We hid all the presents in our closet and Friday night DH was going to the closet to get a present for someone else that he needed to wrap and he asked DD if she wanted to come with him to get the present.  That closet was filled with presents for DD!  I said to DH "why in the world are you asking her to go to that closet with you?!?!"  And he said "oh....... umm, no DD, you have to stay with mommy".  DUH!

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