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Pregnant after 35

It's a.....

healthy baby! The gender is in a sealed envelope waiting for Christmas morning and all I can do is STARE at it, haha! I designed two stars one pink that read GIRL and one blue that read BOY and asked the tech to circle one and place images in there too. I wrapped it and placed it under the tree. The label reads to mommy daddy and big sister J with love little baby

Everything looked good on the ultrasound and the 12 week labs are normal, thank god! Now we wait 2 more weeks for the 18 week labs. 

I was sad not to video any of it (Kaiser has strict rules, booooo). I did ask the tech if it was obvious and she said oh yeah, then I said are you 100% sure and she said we aren't allowed to say 100% and then continued to say legs weren't spread far apart enough, however she suspected 60% what we were having. She didn't spoil it for me except (possibly) when I looked at the screen when she was ready to show me the baby and it looked to say it's a _ _ Y, so they she deleted it and I didn't see it all as she was quick, so maybe it was my eyes. 


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