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Has anyone used TAT to aid in childbirth?

We used The Bradley Method for #1, but I'm planning to use Hypnobirthing this time around.

Through my experiences with PPD I found a therapist who specializes in energy psychology.  One of the methods she's used with me is TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique).  We used it to help me let go of some anger issues I've had for years with my parents. 

The effects have seriously been amazing for me, so at tonight's session I asked about using TAT to get rid of any fears/issues I have about childbirth.  I've really been connecting with the idea that pain comes from fear (even if it's unconscious fear) since my labor with DS was really not painful at all until transition when I lost focus and started to freak out a bit.  My therapist said she thought it would be an excellent application so we decided to try it out over my next few sessions.

Obviously I have no experience with TAT and childbirth, but wanted to see if anyone else here had used it and also to just put the idea out there for others who might be interested in trying it.  I figure it definitely can't hurt to try!

My understanding is that TAT isn't very well known/widespread yet so it might be hard to find someone local who specializes in it.  I know the creator of it is in CA, but I can't remember where.  If anyone is interested, my therapist does online sessions (through skype or something similar) and I'd be happy to share her info through PM.


Re: Has anyone used TAT to aid in childbirth?

  • no experience with TAT, but i also saw a hypnotherapist to deal with PPD and birth trauma. my therapist created a healing modality called emergence energetics, which is similar to what you described. it's been a great journey for me.

    i know you will love hypnobirthing! especially since you are seeing a hypnotherapist. be sure you have a fear release technique that you can do yourself during labor. i was hbac'ing, and it's what got me over the last hurdle in labor. i did a fear release and my baby came right out, after stalling a bit.

    best wishes mama!

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