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Anyone else spending the holidays without LO?

Caro's in North Dakota with her dad for 2.5 weeks.  Man, it sucks.  I try to keep busy but it's so, so hard.  Bad enough to have your first divorced Christmas... worse to spend it without your baby :(
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Re: Anyone else spending the holidays without LO?

  • I'm sorry! This will be me next year. Do you have any family around? I don't, so I think it will be doubly hard. I also don't have friends whose xmas I'd be comfortable crashing even if they asked, which I'm sure they will. What do you have planned for the holidays?
  • If you were in Kansas, you could join me for some wine.  I will be alone Christmas eve and Christmas morning.   Not quite the same as 2.5 weeks, but still a little sad.


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  • Oh man... I was getting worked up today that H will take DS to his mother's for 4 hours on Christmas day.

     I guess you can really take some time for yourself. A staycation. Enjoy yourself (as much as you can).

  • Thanks ladies... and ::hugs:: tifanico.  Ugh it sucks so much.  I do have family about an hour away (my parents) so I'm going there tomorrow, and spending time with friends this afternoon and this evening.  I can't wait until the 30th when Caro comes home!!
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  • I realized last night that I was going to be alone most of Christmas day. Doodle is going with her dad and sister to his cousin's for dinner. I've got many "invitations" but I don't want to impose. 

    I decided that I'm going to see a movie and do my best to not let it get to me. 


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