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What do you think?

Yesterday I only felt Lo move a few times and some of those times was because I pushed on my stomach to get him to move. They weren't kicks. They were simply him pushing a little into my stomach. Last night I had mostly no movement during the time I was awake. I don't know if he moved while I was sleeping. He did move one time that included kicking and stretching his foot into my side. Still this morning he has minimal movement, I've felt his butt against my stomach once. He's usually pretty active during the day and at night before bed and kicks his feet into my side. Is he just slowing down or should I go to the doctor to have him checked out? I was just there on Tuesday and had an NST and everything showed normal results. This might sound like stupid question but I'd like other's opinions before I call my doctor. Thanks.

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  • I am not sure if your baby is big or not, and that may cause the decreased movements. My baby is moving less but she moves around a good amount still. I'd call the doctor just in case you know? My thoughts are decreased movements that are abnormal can lead to no movement when it's too late. I mean your doc will be at his office since it's working hours so I don't think it will be a big deal.
  • From everything I've heard, baby's getting cramped in there and doesn't have a whole lot of wiggle-room, so decreased movement is normal. The fact that you can stimulate him into moving is a good thing, IMO. Have you sipped some caffeinated drinks or eaten anything sweet and/or cold to try and get him to move and it doesn't work? That would be a tipoff for me to call my doc about it- my LO is super active after doing any of those things, and if he didn't go crazy over some chocolate-chip mint ice cream... I'd be worried. ;)
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  • LOs do slow down as time goes on and you get closer to delivery. If you had an NST done Tuesday I would think you're okay. DD hasn't moved nearly as much the past few days, but she's bigger too. It always does come down to, if you're worried, go ahead and call.

  • I would call, and here's why...

    At my NST yesterday, they really drilled it into me that the whole "they run out of room" thing is total BS.  Yes, they get bigger, but they don't just stop moving.  Their movements just feel different.  The nurse that was doing my NST told me that she's seen several tragic situations where someone assumed decreased movement was "normal" and "fine" and it absolutely wasn't.

    You have literally nothing to lose by calling.  I'm sure everything's fine, but IMO it's worth checking into.

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  • Drink some OJ, empty your bladder, lay down on your left side and start your kick counts.  If you get less than 10 movements (not including hicups) in an hour, definitely call your doctor immediately.  While you're doing the kick counts don't do anything to try to make your baby move like poking your stomach.  When in doubt, just call, always.  That's what they are there for.  It's probably nothing...babies develop sleep cycles before they are born but you should call anyway.
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  • At my appt this week, my dr said that it's an OWT that babies stop moving before labor. She said that the 4 reasons you should call at this point are 1) decreased movement 2) 5/1/1 contractions 3) red spotting 4) loss of amniotic fluid. With the decreased movement, she said to eat and drink something first before calling. Movement will change but shouldn't stop.
  • totally agree you should eat and drink something cold and sugary and do the kick count, then call.  my doctor has also been clear that at this point kick counts are still important, maybe even more important than before because it's later on in the pregnancy that the placenta can start degrading. sorry to freak you out.  but i agree with a PP who said you have nothing to lose by calling.
  • Thanks for all your advice. LO has been back to his normal active movements today. He is moving all over the place as I write this. :)
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