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~*Thankful Thursday~*

What are you ladies thankful for this fine Christmas Eve, Eve?

I'm thankful that DH gets tomorrow off so he at least gets a 3 day weekend. Starting to feel like a single parent here! 

Re: ~*Thankful Thursday~*

  • I am thankful that LO and I are healthy and have had no complications thus far.

    Also, I am thankful that DH is staying home today to do all of our grocery shopping and cleaning :)

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  • - Agreed about the health and no complications.

    - I'm also thankful for a really nice and easy 9 months of pregnancy!

    - In general, I'm thankful for the best husband in the world. He makes me smile every day and I couldn't ask for a better soul mate in life! 

    - For the Holiday, I'm thankful my brother is coming up to stay with us over Christmas. All of our family will be coming right after Christmas when our son is born and we didn't want them all paying for two flights up here to Ohio (from Kansas) back to back. We were planning on spending the Holiday just the two of us, but my brother was able to come up for Christmas!

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  • I am so thankful that today is offically 37 weeks. I've made it and the baby is showing as healthy and that's all i can really ask for...although i would like him to stay in there a bit longer ;o)
  • I'm thankful that DH is off work until 2011.  So if I have the baby in the next few days he gets a week with her without taking any vacation.  I'm also thankful that all we have to do is relax and wait for this little one to be ready.  No traveling, visitors, or plans in general. 
    I give up trying to get a ticker.  I have a DD that is 2.5 years old and is awesome.  Maybe I'll add a quote to distinguish myself.  Hmmm.  How about...

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  • I am so very THANKFUL today that my dad is getting out of the ICU tonight. Long storty short - my dad is diabetic and was pulled over yesterday afternoon because he was swerving. The police officer recognized that my dad had a medical emergency (SAved his life!!!!) called an ambulance and had to spend the night in ICU his blood sugar was at 630!!!!!! (normal is 120ish) It took my family 4 hours to find where he was because he was so out of it (not answering phone and not knowing who to call). It will take a couple of days for him to get back to normal they said.

    BUT, I am so THANKFUL that he is alive. Thankful for the officer pulling him over, and knowing he had a medical emergency and was not drunk or just crazy.   

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