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... False Labor?

Last night I had another visit to Labor and Delivery. It was for regular contractions that were coming every 5 minutes since about 6 pm. Finally, at 930 I called the nurse line and they told me to go in and be monitored.

I arrived @ around 10 and was monitored a while, the contractions became closer and stringer, the later ones every 2 minutes. While my OB did my 1st internal yesterday I was completely closed and 50% effaced, when they checked me at the hospital I was 2cm. By 230 am i was only 2.5, so they sent me home.

Today they have not gotten any lighter but are further apart, I definetely lost my plug also, it was gross..lol So I am hoping something comes of this pain =(

I am just confused because with DD I was induced so I am not sure what else to expect except for my water breaking.. And also DD birthday is today.  

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Re: ... False Labor?

  • Try not to be frustrated. It must be hard being sent home, but it shows your body is making progress! Hopefully next time the contractions will progress, but try not to think of it as 'false' because your body is preparing for the baby to be here soon. :)
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