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Appetizer Ideas

My family and DH's family get together on Christmas Eve after we go to Mass and have a bunch of appetizers and such...I'm trying to think of what to make I know so far there will be stromboli, some corn relish salsa stuff, sausage and cheese balls, veggies and dip, some other kind of dip...I'm trying to think of something non dip that isn't too complicated and is either cold or can be heated when we get to my 'rents after mass!
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Re: Appetizer Ideas

  • What about deviled eggs? They can be made ahead of time and kept cold while you're gone. I made some a couple weeks ago for a party. DH tried to tell me that deviled eggs were too old-fashioned, but they all got eaten up!
  • Lettuce Wraps? Pizza Dip to go with the stomboli, stuffed mushrooms can be made ahead of time, or just a pickle & olive tray.

    Have fun!

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  • Cocktail can just leave them in the crockpot on warm...


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  • I second deviled eggs -- those are so yummy!
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  • I make broccoli cheese squares that are yummy from all recipes. You could just do a veggie tray, or pigs in a blanket. I also think deviled eggs are a good idea!



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  • We will be having bacon wrapped water cress (easy to prep ahead and cook last minute), baked Brie with cran & apple chutney (ditto on the prep), shrimp and cocktail sauce, marshmallow fluff dip with fruit, and black bean/corn/Rotel dip with scoops. I know you don't want dip, but I can send any recipes if you are interested!
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  • i'm going with the cocktail weenies in bbq sauce! thanks for all the ideas ladies..I was thinking of doing deviled eggs but not enough of the family likes them!thanks for all the suggestions...i def will keep some of those in mind for other things!
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