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Everyone ready for Christmas??

We have no family within 7 hours from us and with me being 37 weeks on Christmas, we are just going to go spend dinner with some friends of ours in the city

My mom was out for a week early this month when I was diagosed with high blood pressure. She flew in to check up on us Smile and did all our christmas baking and wrapped DH's presents to me (He hates wrapping with a passion, so loves it when she comes out at Christmas) She ultimately took care of the house and cooking for a week so I could just sit on the couch Smile

It has been 2.5 sucessful weeks since the high BP was discovered so now we are really hoping LO can stay in till closer to its due date. 

Is everyone else ready? What are all your plans 


Re: Everyone ready for Christmas??

  • We are celebrating Christmas at my aunt's instead of my parents because it is closer to our hospital.  I'm going to do a bit of Christmas baking to bring with me.  Tonight DH & I are going to wrap presents.  Fortunately my family doesn't exchange gifts any more so there is only half as much wrapping to do.  Then I will spend Christmas day playing games and doing crafts with my nieces.

    Unless I go into labour, since Christmas is my actual due date. 

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  • We're just hanging around at home this year, no big plans, we may even have Chinese takeout for our Christmas dinner because I just don't feel like cooking
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  • I'm all done shopping & wrapping (had NO idea how hard it would be to sit on the floor and wrap...sheesh!) I'm going to try to bake some cookies between tonight and tomorrow. And I have to catch up on laundry!! Then it's visiting with family Fri and Sat - but staying just as close to the hospital as I would if I were at my own home. I really need to get my hospital bag packed and car seat installed just in case.

  • I am ready! I can't wait for this Christmas. IL's are coming here Friday and my parents and my brother and his girlfriend are coming Saturday. All I have left to do is some last minute baking/cooking. I have a couple of pies to make tomorrow and I'm going to make the cinnamon roll dough to freeze for breakfast Saturday morning.

     All of the shopping is done as is the wrapping. :)

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