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It happened.

Sweet Jesus. I was praying it never would, But it did. I should have known with her starting to take off her clothes and PJ's.

I went to get Keira up from her nap today and she had unzipped her pj's and took off her poopy diaper. Thankfully she had not started to paint the walls or anything and everything stayed contained in her pj's. But OMG. This can't keep happening! SO nasty. 

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Re: It happened.

  • My DD went through a phase where she took off her diaper too, she used CDs and I think she was fascinated with the velcro. Good news is she never did it with a poopy diaper and even better news is it only lasted a week or so. Hope this phase passes quickly with your DD :)
  • Oh no!! DS will only try and take off his zip up pjs and not the 2 piece ones for some reason so if he wears footed one piece pjs that zip up I put a onesie on underneath cuz he doesn't know how to unsnap that!! Try that and see if that will prevent her from getting the diaper off!!
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  • Oh yuck! You know we had a similar issue, but it resolved itself (or at least hasn't happened recently), so hopefully it's a short-lived phase.
  • My neighbor had to start putting onesies on her DS,backwards I guess they are harder to get unsnapped that way. Her DS painted the walls, and had it all over the crib. Luckily her DH had to clean it up b/c she wasn't home. He let their son take a nap with just a diaper and T-Shirt on. She told him that he had to stay dressed otherwise this would happen. LOL
  • Something about the zipper PJ's thats the only time we have this issue with AT. Ive found him about 4 times with diaper removed. 2 poops and 2 all clear but it still sucks. & it happened with the zipper PJ's. I love those things but they are just too tempting I guess.

    We have just made sure we tell him over and over to not play in his diaper. He tells me this alot....."I dont play in my diaper" Its cute and for the most part he doesnt anymore. GL!

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