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Had 1st OB appt today :)

Got to hear the heartbeat (saw it before on our sono, but didnt get to hear it) for the first time!  It was 170ish at 8 weeks for our sono, and it was 160s today at the OB.  Is there any truth at all about girls having higher heart rates?  I have two boys...so a little pink would be thrilling in my life!
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Re: Had 1st OB appt today :)

  • YAY!

    I think everyone will think differently.  That OWT was the opposite for me and didn't work.  Many thought I was having the opposite due to the hb, but much to our surprise they were wrong (we were team green).

  • I wish that was true. Most of the appointments I had, baby's HB was 140-150's.



  • I think it varies but Ava's was always high like that and she is a girl.

    How far along are you? Are you going to find out?

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  • Ours was very high (170) at a sonogram at 11weeks, and still high when we heard it for the 1st time at the OB at 14 weeks. We will find out in 2 weeks if that myth rings true for us!
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  • I asked a couple weeks ago (9wks) and the midwife said that at this point, all heart rates are fast.  Maybe a little later on it holds true?  
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  • My son's heartbeat was above 160 the first two times I heard it.  I was convinced it was a girl.  Turns out I was wrong :)

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  • It's an OWT. All babies start out with fast heartbeats and they slow down as pregnancy progresses. I'm thinking pink for ya though! ::sprinkles pink baby dust::



  • DS was consistently in the high 150s - low 160s at every.single.appointment.  There were lots of guesses that he was a girl b/c of that (we were team green).  My best friend said that her mom told her that her heartrates were always very low, which led to lots of guesses that she was a boy... clearly not.

    I don't know - I don't put much stock in OWTs, b/c they're true for some; not true for others (FWIW, my mom said my brother's heartrates were always low and my heartrates were always high, so it was true for her).

  • Very exciting!!! The OWT wasn't true for me either...but I will say I know of a few people lately who had 2 of the same sex and had the opposite for the 3rd! Not that there is any rhyme or reason to that...but hopefully that will be the case for you!
    Jen, mom to Evan-6yrs and Ella-20 months
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