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The past few days I've been having what I'm pretty sure are contractions. My whole stomach gets super hard and it's uncomfortable but not super painful. They are not regular at all. I'll have 3 in a row every 10 minutes or so, and then nothing for an hour or more. I saw my doctor yesterday and told her I thought contractions were starting and she said it's normal to start having some now.

The thing is, I realized today they are quite long (yesterday I thought they were gas Embarrassed). Like, around 4 minutes - sometimes I think even longer than that. If they last that long are they contractions? I thought at this point contractions would be very short (like 25 seconds). I can't imagine them getting longer.

I am not really concerned, just curious. And I don't want to call my doctor - I'll be back at the office in less than a week anyway!

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Re: contractions?

  • I've been feeling the same thing.  Tightening that lasts a few minutes or more.  Especially when I'm up and actively moving around.  I think its just BHs getting us ready.  Last couple of days though I've been feeling more crampy which hopefully is more of a sign of impending labor. 
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  • I think the tightening kind are BH.  I've been having painful contractions, BH, cramping...all of it.  My doctors keep telling me that it's my body getting ready...I never would have thought prior to 3rd tri that it would weeks for my body to "get ready".
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  • I agree. I think the tightening with not much pain is just BH. But I have been getting some that are painful, but only last for about a minute or so.... First time my water just broke and I had to have pitocin in the hospital to make the contractions start. So I am really not used to this feeling, but doc said at last visit, they are normal... Maybe, but very uncomfortable! Angry
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one having really long BHs. But I was so hoping they were real contractions! I don't have any today so it's even a bit more discouraging. Oh well.

    One side effect is that it's made things very real for DH. He's been rushing to get all the last minute things done so that we're really ready.

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    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    DD1: born 1/19/11. DD2: born 10/10/13
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