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Looks like I'm having a December baby (long)

Saturday morning around 5am, I woke up with a slight fever, but took some Tylenol and drank some fluids and it went away. I went to lunch with a couple friends and I started getting chills really bad to the point I was shivering. We left and went to CVS to get a themometer. I checked my blood pressure and it was really high (completely unusual for me) and checked my temperature which was 101. I decided to go to the hospital and get checked since we were right around the corner. When I got there my heart rate and the baby's heart rate were both very high. They took a bunch of blood to run tests and gave me IV fluids. It turned out that I was severely dehydrated, my white blood cell count was high and I had protein in my urine. Since there was protein in my urine along with high blood pressure and swelling, they thought I might have preeclempsia. So, after 3 liters of fluids, they got my temperature down and my blood pressure lower and sent me to collect my urine for 24 hours.
I continued to have a fever once I got home, but was told I didn't need to come back unless it went over 101. Monday morning I broke my fever and got my test results back. The doctor said that the results of my urine came back on the low side of abnormal, which meant mild preeclampsia.
I had an appointment today and doc said that they will not let me go more than another week because it will be dangerous for me. So, long story short, if Tori doesn't come on here own before Tuesday, they will induce me on Tuesday, Dec. 28th which will be 38 weeks. I'm on bed rest in the mean time.
The crazy thing is that she is being named after my mom who passed away 3 years ago and whose birthday happens to be Dec. 28th!
Sorry this is so long, but I thought I'd put the details in case anyone else is going through something similar.

Re: Looks like I'm having a December baby (long)

  • Thanks for sharing that!!  I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your LO!  Because of your mild pre-e do they think the baby will come on her own?  or will you be induced more than likely? 

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  • Sorry you are having to go through that. Hopefully she will come on her own, so you don't have to be induced. Good luck!
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  • I think I will most likely have to be induced. I haven't had any contractions (not even BH) and today I was not at all dilated. Of course, you never know!
  • Oh wow, take good care of yourself and best wishes!
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  • Oh wow, that's crazy! I'm glad you and LO are ok and you have a plan.  T&P for quick and safe delivery either way it happens.  :)
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  • image MicheleR96:
    I think I will most likely have to be induced. I haven't had any contractions (not even BH) and today I was not at all dilated. Of course, you never know!

    So true, things could change for you in the next week.  I have no idea if I've dilated or anything like that, and being induced doesn't sound like fun, but you have to do what's safest for you and baby.  If I end up following your path, I wouldnt be concerned about being induced.

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  • Best wishes to you. Hopefully LO will come on her own, but perhaps her arrival on the 28th is just meant to be...a loving sign from your mother?!?!
  • Take care of you both and I will send T&P to you!!
  • Sorry you're having these last minute complications.  T&Ps LO just decides to come on her own so you don't have to be induced.  Try to take care of yourself.
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  • Thanks for posting this!  I'm doing my 24 hour catch right now and go back in tomorrow to do some more tests and find out if I have to be induced or not.  I've had low to normal BP all pregnancy, but it was high yesterday at my appt, so they were concerned.  Let us know how yours goes!  Hope your LO decides to come on her own - and if she doesn't, I hope she's born on the 28th.  That would be amazingly cool. :)  We're also naming our daughter after my mom who passed away a few years ago, and I think sharing the same birthday would be incredibly special!!
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  • I wish you the best of luck - and I'm sure your Mom is watching over you both!

  • Good luck! Glad you listened to your body and went to the doctor!
  • Thanks for all the well wishes ladies! Bed rest is already making me stir crazy! All I want to do is put all the final touches on her nursery...oh well, I guess hanging stuff can wait till DH gets home from work.
  • Good luck to you!  I hope everything goes smoothly.
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