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i met HER kids today....

So i met my x's new gf's 4 kids today (all under 4 and old enough to know better).... out of friggen control. They clearly have no form of discipline/ self control/ or any sort of parent by any means in their lives. The are loud, rude, obnoxious and an embarrassment to be around. They were pushing each other, fighting, kicking, being bullies... and where was the mother? outside smoking with my x. The kids want to stand on the porch while you all smoke? sure! put your coat on, and lets go.... HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF SECOND HAND SMOKE?! how selfish and disgusting. (and he claims he never smokes infront of my kid.... BS) 

 I promise to never let my son behave like that...

So more good news?! He is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve... after 5 months of dating... but then again they were living together after less than 2 weeks... i would rather be a single mother without any relationships on the side than acting trashy with strangers in my child's life, children that are out of control, and on the fast track to go now where....

 I have said it before, and i'll say it again- i am so happy i came to my senses and got out of that relationship-

Re: i met HER kids today....

  • You are so much better off.  He sure traded down on his new girlfriend....very trashy indeed.  Those poor kids need parenting and structure and it doesn't sound like they are going to get it from either of them.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how people seem to jump out of the pot and into the fire. Propose to a woman with 4 hellions after 5 months of dating??? Good luck with that. Congrats for coming to your senses. Life is much easier to handle only having one "child" to take care of!!
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  • Ugh...yeah, it definitely sounds like you are better off without him!
  • Ugh, unfortunately it's women like that who give single moms a bad name.  I think WE are the exception as opposed to the rule.  Just be glad you are out of that situation and are taking a different path.
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  • i completely agree achase! and i think its unfortunate that those kids are so oput of control because of poor parenting- from both of them. and the cycleof this behavior will only continue...

    hell yeah to single mommas who are doing it right and not worrying about finding their children new daddys rather than raising their children to be good children, good teens, and good adults.

  • I don't understand why a man would want to leave one relationship with a child and inherit four more. All I can say is she must do something (wink wink) right.

    You are better off and so is your kid. I can't believe anyone would smoke in front of their kids with the massive amount of research about second-hand smoking. Some people are just idiots. 

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