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Reporting pregnancy to SB

Did you have to? If so, when did you? I looked and it looks like they just want some general info. Not specifics like what gender the baby is ( although im sure they want that when we find out)
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Re: Reporting pregnancy to SB

  • LOL I was seriously just going to ask what SB stood for....duh. It has been a LONG night. I have no help we used a known donor. Congrats again on the BFP though!
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  • Took me a long time... maybe 6 months after she was born. All they wanted to know is if you got pregnant and if there was a live birth. I think I had to have some specifics about when I got the specimen delivered.... I remember thinking it was wierd cause I only ordered once, they should have that record.
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  • I did it online after our pregnancies ended. It asks for things like live birth, so you really can't do it while pg :)
  • Does the information become a part of their sibling registry?  That is the important part of keeping track in my mind.
  • I think reporting live births in the responsible thing to do.  I say that because banks often restrict how many vials they will sell based on number of offspring.  For example our bank only allows X number of offspring in given geographical regions.  They sent paperwork with the vial shipment that was to be filled out by the doctor. 

  • We didn't report the pregnancy but did report birth.  We were asked birth weight, length, gender, gestational age (at birth), and health status.  I had alot to write in that section.  It goes into the banks records but not the donor sib. registry.  You have to join and do that on your own.

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