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F/U... court in the am

Well i went to court and it just like a circus with all the things my EX tried to pull.He brought in 2 of his friends to be his witnesses. They lied the entire time and kept changing their stories.

But in the end the judge said- He didnt believe my EX or his friends. He believe that his friends were trying to keep him out of trouble. That the only credible person was Ms. R (me). I believe that she did the right thing by calling the police. 

However, because he didnt call from a cell phone or a place of his residence or work we cant 100 percent without a doubt prove that he was the one that placed the call from his ex gf house. I would of had to have a witness to it or for him to fess that he was there at that time. Of course he said he was out playing basketball at this time. Which  is funny cause he has never laid a hand on basketball in his life. But is what is !

At least he knows Im not taking his sh*t anymore! And that the judge believed me over him and his drama.

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