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Getting nervous...

I am suddenly getting really nervous about having my baby. I'm getting nervous about only having 6 weeks off from work - and nervous about doing everything by myself for the rest of my pregnancy and especially after the baby gets here.  

 The cat was running around the house like crazy tonight and I realized that she didn't have any food in her bowl and I'm thinking OMG how am I going to be a mother??? And a single, working mother at that???


Re: Getting nervous...

  • You will manage. I freaked out right before having DS too and I wasn't even single then. I was just afraid of having to take care of and be responsible for this other little person. But everything has turned out all right. Nothing is what I expected but he and I are just fine. Having him has actually helped me cope with the breakup. DS makes me smile everyday even on days when I would like to curl up in bed and not face the world.

    Just know what you're feeling is normal. You'll have hopeful days, nervous days, sad days, and everything in between, but in the end you will be ok. And you'll wind up a stronger woman and mother in the end.

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  • I agree that once you have the baby, maternal instincts will kick in. I forget everything on a normal basis but when it comes to E I'm on it (feeding him/diaper changes/baths). So don't worry everything will work out, and it is very rewarding!
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  • Don't worry...  the baby won't let you forget to feed him/her...  (I'm the same way with my cat.  We've all survived so far Wink)

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