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Court again in the am....

Tomorrow is my court date against my EX for his violation of protective order. He called me from his ex gf house and screamed b**ch into the phone and hung up. So i called the police and they pulled a warrant out for a violation.

So his ex gf texts me when he gets served to let me know that -- it was her calling me and she had accidently called me from her house phone. It wasnt J . J was at work. 

Umm how do you accidently call someone from a house phone? Especially when she has never called me before.

Anyways this would be the second time he has called me from her house. The first time was when the Emergency protective lapsed and the hadnt served him yet with the Temp one. He called me thinking he was in the clear of getting in trouble. He told me that his mother was dying.  He also begged me not to get him in trouble. I found out through a source- his mother was fine. She wasnt even in the hospital.

I have records of both phone calls from the cell phone company. Showing where the calls came from ..the time how long each call was. So it should be simple right? 

But the last time we went to court for the assault charge , when he strangled me and threw me across a room back in August. He won. He was found not guilty. I had ER records from the assault and pictures that the domestic violence witness people took. 

My Ex told the judge that i must of hit myself with a door knob and thats where the bruises came from. And that I beat him up. He said he cuts and gashes all over him. The police officer that arrested him said that my EX didnt have one mark on him. Then my past medical history of being diagnosed with bipolar was brought up by my EX. It just went down hill from there. He lied so much, it made me furious. So in the end - I looked like a liar. I feel like no one believes me now except my family who witness a whole week of hell that resulted in this assault.

Now  Im scared to go to court and be made a fool of again. Wish me a miracle...thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I really hate bringing it up with my family because they just want him out of the whole picture.

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Re: Court again in the am....

  • Good luck. I remember how upset you were after the last court date. As a police officer I am dumbfounded that the justice system treated you that way. I hope you have better luck tomorrow but more importantly I hope this nightmare is over soon!

    Let us know how it goes.

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  • Good Luck today! I hope you have a better outcome this time.
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  • Good luck! I hope the court sees things in your favor this time. KUP!
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