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Anyone doing a PG-related Halloween costume?

I'll be right at 12 weeks, so not quite showing yet (at least I hope not!), but I thought it might be cute to do a costume that is pregnancy related.

Anyone have ideas or doing something similar for Halloween?
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Re: Anyone doing a PG-related Halloween costume?

  • I thought about it, but I doubt I will be showing either, so it's a moot point. boo.
  • I want to be Juno!
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  • No... I'd rather eat the candy!  
  • This was linked on SAL this morning, it may have some helpful ideas for you:

  • Im buying a ready made costume... tooo lazy to do anything creative.

    Mommy to Be has a cute witch costume I thought would do the trick! (pun intended) :-D

  • I was thinking about making a cardboard box into an oven and wearing that around my middle but now the girls in my dept. decided that for the office party we are going dressed like what people would have worn the year we were born. 
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  • LOL! Juno's a great idea!
  • LOL

    "going as Bristol Palin"

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  • No, but on a side note, Target has the cutest, fuzziest baby costumes! I almost bought a monkey yesterday, then I reminded myself that I'll probably find cuter ones next year. You know, when I actually have a baby to put in one?
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  • DH wants me to go as a
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  • I am going to go as an oven with a picture of a bun on my stomach and dh is going to be a baker. :-) I love Halloween!
  • HaHa, my SIL went as a Nun and she was preggo with her DS! She won the costume contest at work!
  • The halloween when I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter, I bought a bright orange t-shirt and painted a jack-o-lantern face on the belly. Everyone loved it!
  • My friend did the Pregnant belly Jack o lantern for Halloween one year.  It was Pretty cool!

    I will only be around 10 weeks at Halloween, so I won't be showing at all.  But what's funny is I have been planning my mummy costume since summer.  Being a "mummy" seems so fitting now!


    I teach 4th grade, and am planning on telling my class this Halloween seems like the perfect way to do it!

     I was thinking about the "bun in the oven" thing, but I think it will soar over my students' heads. At least with the "Mummy" idea, I can have an obvious costume and then hint at it all day with them.

    Cute! Thanks!

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