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Need some baby-head-down pixie dust!

I very much want to do a natural, vaginal birth. But it has become very clear to me over the past few weeks that baby's favorite position is transverse. She moves around, but always re-settles into a sideways lying position. My 34 week ultrasound is this Thursday, but I already know what they're going to find. I know I'm still a little more than a month from my due date, so there's some time left. But I am really hoping she figures it out, because I SO don't want a c-section, if I can help it! I react really badly to anesthesia and I am afraid of knives/cutting/surgery, etc.

For one breif moment last night, she was head down, but she flipped right back to sideways by the time I woke up. Sigh.

Re: Need some baby-head-down pixie dust!

  • Wow, if baby is moving that much--I think you've got tons of hope. That is pretty impressive that you can tell her position so easily. With LO it has been very tough to tell without u/s, not only for us but even for drs and nurses. Because he spent so much time transverse (we think maybe 10 weeks), even now that he is head down, he holds his body in an odd way that makes things still feel not right from the outside.

    If she settles in that position there are lots of things to try: a version,  moxibustion, Webster technique with a chiro, all of the tricks, doing hot and cold, music and light, going swimming and doing the flutterkick, doing handstands in the water, spending time in the inversion position, etc.

  • I'm in a similar situation - I think my dr. will order ultrasound when I go to see her on Wednesday so I'm hoping by my ultrasound next week this LO will flip again - he was head down at 34 weeks...transverse again at 36. Stubborn little guy!

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