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Maternity Leave in writing.....

I want to have something in writing for my maternity leave and was wondering if any of you are as well and if so do you have a template that you are following or are you just making it up on your own? TIA!

Re: Maternity Leave in writing.....

  • I thought it was odd my company - which has a form for everything - doesn't have a form for this. Whatever!

    I just wrote an email to my immediate boss and copied HR stating what we had discussed in our meeting and asked that they respond back with any corrections and to affirm my understanding.

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  • i'm not writing a letter or anything, but our state has a form i have to fill out & fax to my company's HQ's, then my boss has a follow up form to fill out on me once i've taken leave, so i figure it's documented well enough
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  • I dont have to notifiy them specifically, however when you go out on leave they turn everything off, so I am requesting that they not do that because of the position I hold in the company. 
  • All I did was tell my hr and manager my plans and they do all the rest.  What I thought was a good idea was documenting all my conversations in writing and who I spoke to.
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