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Signs of labor nearing or just sick?

So this past weekend I was feeling probably the worst I've felt this entire pregnancy. Friday night I got home from work and felt fine, suddenly like an hour after being home I started getting a pounding headache, very nauseous and very shaky. I was holding a piece of paper in my hand trying to read it and the entire piece of paper was shaking to death. I laid down and decided to just take it easy. I continued to feel this way for a few hours but it wasn't getting worse. I had some cramping off and on but nothing timeable. I decided that if I felt this way for another hour or two I would call the doctor to make sure everything was okay. I ended up falling asleep and didn't wake up til my everyday potty run at 3:00am. Saturday I woke up and felt a little bit better. I still had a pounding headache and was nauseous but not shaky.  I was cramping a bit more than usual, but still nothing timebale. I would say the entire day I felt that way. Sunday I woke up and was completely fine and today I'm here at work and feel totally normal. You think I just came down with a cold? Or is this a sign of labor nearing? I've been reading up and a lot of the symptoms CLAIM to be signs of labor nearing but honestly who the heck knows. Any ideas?

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Re: Signs of labor nearing or just sick?

  • over the last week or two i've had some crampy times & moments where i feel nauseus or my stomach's been upset. i think our bodies are just gearing up!  i've done the same thing you did, where i tell dh i'm going to call the dr's if i still feel that way in a few hours & inevitibly i'm better by then, so i've just been passing it off as false alarms or maybe my body's way of telling me i did too much that day leading up to not feeling well.
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  • About a week before my water broke I had a few days of nausea, cramps, poopy issues, and major exhaustion.

    It went away a few days before I actually went into labor.


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  • Definitely could be a sign your body is getting ready for labor.  I was sick almost a week ago and I never get sick.  I didn't have m/s this entire pregnancy so it was definitely weird.  The next day at my OB appt, my blood pressure was up a little from my norm which they said could be a sign things are starting to progress.  However since then, nothing is happening as far as I can tell.  Hopefully you're not sick.  If so, hope you feel better soon.
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  • Thank you girls!
    02/14/09 D&E of our little girl, due to developmental problems at 23 weeks :( 01/04/10 Missed MC at 8 weeks :( 01/01/11 The birth of our beautiful little girl, Blake :)
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  • I have similar symptoms too... I especially have been feeling very nauseated every night for the past 4 days. I really hope that LO holds out though, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow but I want her to wait until she's full term!!!
  • I had the same thing! Shaking and all! It was not fun. I said the same thing too, that if it didn't get better I would call. Of course, I fell asleep before I could actually call and woke up a few hours later feeling somewhat better. I really hope it's a sign of things progressing. I'm so ready to be done! -- and from the way LO has been kicking and wedging himself into odd places, I think he is too. lol
  • Are you drinking enough water??  Maybe you're a little bit dehydrated.  I know that can cause awful headaches and make you kind of crampy, as well as shaky and nauseous.

    Hope you feel better!!

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