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First internal tomorrow....

Is it weird I am excited?  So curious if anything is "happening" down below....

Re: First internal tomorrow....

  • Nope, not weird at all. I was disappointed to hear at my last exam that I hadn't changed (still 1 cm and 50% effaced) but I do hate the process.
  • Ha, I was curious too. FWIW, I don't know if it's just because I wasn't dilated, but it was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be based on how they are described. I had a painful one at 17 weeks, but this one was not bad really.
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  • Not weird at all! I'm getting excited to see if I've made any progress on Tuesday. 2 cm and 50% last week. And it's not at all painful for me, so there's really no downside.
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  • I have my first tomorrow too, however I am nervous. I have a feeling NOTHING is going on and he will try and "get things going" and I'll be in pain the rest of the day :-(

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  • Mine is next week and I also get the groupb strep test too. I am so curious to see what is going on down there.
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  • Mine is next week as well.  I am not too optimistic about it though.  Especially since I was induced at 39 weeks with DD and at that point had little to no progress at all (0 cent dilated and 80% effaced).

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  • I just had mine - I was so excited.  Turns out I'm a total of 0 and the baby's head was floating - BOO - I was kinda hoping for at least a 1!...he didn't say anything about effacement...

    But he did say "doesn't look like your getting your tax break"


  • I was excited for mine last week, too. I wanted to know if my body was doing any prep work for baby, and the doctor told me I was 1cm dilated. She pushed around at the bottom of my belly, though, and baby did not like that! LO kept moving around down there for hours and it felt weird! I can't wait till this Thursday to see if anything has changed!
  • welp, nothing was going on down below (grrr), but my darn BP was elevated for the 3rd appointment in a row (double grrrr) so I have been put on modified rest (2 hours laying down with feet up, 3 times per day).  He also said "there is no way you are going all the way to your due date" as the only cure for the BP was delivery.  So I have a re-check on Thursday and then I guess will know more.  He is going on vacation next week and I want him to be "the guy" with me in L&D, so depending on how this goes I might have LO arrive in early January.  Not excited about the elevated BP, but excited that I may not have to wait til the 15th after all!  And, fwiw, the internal was definitely uncomfortable. 
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