I wanted to reply to you separately to make sure you saw it cause I"m always late on the game with posting cause of my job :)

I had my tubal on Monday morning.  I was back at work on Tuesday morning and honestly I could have gone back Monday afternoon.  The best part, NO incisions anywhere :)  I thought I'd tell you about my experience if you're considering the procedure because if you KNOW you are done, I would highly recommend far anyway :) 

It was harder emotionally for me than physically 100x.  We always knew we were done after 2, and I was blessed with 1 of each, so I knew we were done for sure, but it is still a finality that is a little hard to deal with.  The procedure I had done was called a hysteroscopic tubal occlusion.  Basically what they do is go in through your cervix with a little probe that has a camera on it and put little coils in the openings when your tubes meet your uterus.  The coils have a material in them that causes you to scar around them, and the scar tissue blocks the tubes permanently.  I went in at 8am.  I was taken back to a room where they put me in a gown and put an IV in.  They took me back to a little OR type room and I was put to sleep.  You don't HAVE to be put to sleep at all, I just found it easier because I just wanted to wake up and have it be done.  The procedure took a whole 25 minutes :) I was awake again in about 40 minutes total, and felt completely fine, except a little groggy.  I had some juice and cookies, and was able to go home, just barely 2 hours later.

I do have some very mild spotting, and cramping slightly, but no worse than what I heard for getting IUD.  No pain at all otherwise, I haven't even taken Tylenol. 

I have to go back in 3 months to get an x-ray to make sure it worked (they inject some dye through your cervix into your uterus and make sure it can't pass through the tubes).  So for now I can't tell you, but supposedly it has a very good success rate, and if tubes are blocked, the failure rate is only 2/1000 (it is 5/1000 for a "regular" tubal).

The procedure is called Essure.  They have a website where you can get more info.  I'm leaving work now, but feel free to page me or email me at tinkerbell1800 at live dot com if you have any other questions.  Like I said the hard part for me was deciding to do it for sure.  The procedure itself was easy!  There is also NO option for reversal with this procedure so you have to be 100% sure.  Its a fairly new procedure I guess, but I love it, and would recommend so far to anyone who is "done"

Good luck!

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    Thank you so much for responing.I went to the site and printed out the info.
    I am so on the fence.I am 35 and don't want to take the pill anymore.
    I really wish my husband would do something! I had to have 3 hard pgs and c sections!
    I am going to my dr on Tues and will discuss this with him,but thank you again!
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