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AW- had my shower yesterday

Hi Gals!

 I just wanted to AW.  I had my baby shower yesterday with my wonderful family and friends.  I had such a fun time opening so many amazing gifts for our little girl.  I was amazed the generosity of our family! We recieved almost all of our big ticket items, including the glider I wanted. Today DH is helping me get everything all set up.  We even have our carseat ready in the car.  It's feeling much more real now. I can't wait!

Hope you are all having a good weekend as well!

Re: AW- had my shower yesterday

  • Glad to hear that the shower was good and that things are coming together! :o)
  • That's awesome that you guys are already sorting through the stuff and getting it all set up - it took me weeks to get my H to put everything together!!

  • Oh good... I was totally thinking I was the last january momma to have a baby shower. Mine was yesterday too... My friends did an amazing job and I can't believe people spent all that time and money for me. I am feeling a little more prepared, but we still have a few big items to pick up.
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  • Yay for showers! I also had my shower yesterday, and am feeling very beloved. 
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